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The Complete Guide to Home Canning

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At least 30 million Americans rush out each summer to beat inflation with a garden hoe and a jar lid.

Many of these gardeners have produced some prize-winning blisters and backaches. They have reached a low level of despair with jelly that didn’t gel, pickles that didn’t pickle, and preserves that didn’t preserve. Other gardeners, though, have found they had a hidden talent. They have showered friends and loved ones with fresh-from-the-garden produce and take-home presents. They have packed their pantries with home-preserved fruits and vegetables.

Home canning gives a great feeling of pride and accomplishment. It brings family members together in creative activity. It provides security in having food within arm’s reach. It offers a supply of food prepared according to family preferences and special dietary needs.

For these reasons and others, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Mississippi State University Extension Service have provided consumers with instructions and tips for best preserving the garden’s bounty. In this publication, you will find the latest information on home canning techniques for fruits, vegetables, jellies, jams, preserves, pickles, and relishes.

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