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Publication Number Titlesort ascending Filed Under Date
P0966 Fruit and Nut Recommendations for Mississippi Fruit, Lawn and Garden 03-07-16
P2619 Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Casualty Losses Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, Taxation 06-25-21
P1431 Freezing Vegetables 4-H Food Preservation Project Unit 2 4-H, Health and Wellness, Youth Projects, Food 04-22-16
P0974 Freezing Vegetables Food, Food Safety 07-26-19
P1430 Freezing Fruits & Berries 4-H Food Preservation Project Unit 1 4-H, Health and Wellness, Youth Projects, Food 07-25-19
P0663 Freezing Fruits Food, Food Safety 09-25-19
P2464 Freeze Branding Beef Cattle Beef 02-01-19
P1250 Forestry Terms for Mississippi Landowners Forestry, Regeneration 01-23-19
P2307 Forestry Income Tax Series -- Timber Tax Overview Forest Economics, Taxation 06-15-21
P2306 Forestry Income Tax Series -- Setting up the Books Using a Tree Farm Journal Forest Economics, Taxation 10-22-19
P1983 Forestry Income Tax Series - I. Basics of Basis Forest Economics, Taxation 10-21-19
P2607 Forest Products Wood Products, Wood Pellets 01-21-16
P1337 Forest Management Alternatives for Private Landowners Forestry, Regeneration 12-22-20
P1874 Forest Herbicide Safety: Environmental Concerns and Proper Handling Forestry 01-13-20
P2730 Forcing Cold-Hardy Bulbs Indoors Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens 08-06-19
P1022 Forage: Winter Annual Grasses for Grazing Forages, Grasses 06-22-18
P2593 Food Defense and Biosecurity; Elements and Guidelines for a Defense Plan Food Safety 01-11-19
P0605 Focus on Leadership: Understanding Youth - Guide for Leaders Leadership 02-14-19
P1466 Fluid Fertilizers Soils, Soil Fertility 11-12-20
P2398 Financial Fitness Exercises to Shape Up Your Spending 4-H, Basic Money Management, Youth Financial Literacy 07-22-19