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P3726 Micronutrients in Mississippi Soils and Plant Nutrition Agriculture, Commercial Horticulture, Soils 11-09-21
P3727 Calcium and Magnesium in Mississippi Crop Production Agriculture, Commercial Horticulture, Specialty Crop Production, Soil Fertility, Soil Health, Soil Testing 11-15-21
P3728 Antimicrobial Resistance and Poultry Production in Developing Countries Agriculture, Farming, Poultry, Environment 01-06-22
P3729 Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) in Mississippi Cotton Agriculture, Crops, Cotton 11-19-21
P3730 Poultry Industry Grows across East Africa, but Challenges Remain Agriculture, Farming, Poultry, Environment 12-02-21
P3732 Chicken Wire Mechanics for a Large Vase Arrangement for the Professional Florist Floral Design 01-28-22
P3733 Chicken Wire Mechanics for a Wicker Basket Arrangement for the Professional Florist Floral Design 01-28-22
P3734 Benefits of Fat Supplementation in Equine Diets Equine 01-12-22
P3735-00 Herbicide Application for Aquatic Plants Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-01 Filamentous Algae | Including Colonial Forms Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-02 Macroalgae | Chara and Nitella spp. Water Weeds 12-01-23
P3735-03 Planktonic Algae Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-04 Bladderwort | Utricularia spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-05 Brazilian Egeria | Egeria densa Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-06 Canadian Waterweed | Elodea canadensis Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-07 Coontail | Ceratophyllum demersum Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-08 Fanwort | Cabomba spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-09 Hydrilla | Hydrilla verticillata Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-10 Pondweeds | Potamogeton spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-11 Slender Spikerush | Eleocharis spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23