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P3445 2019 MSU Wheat Variety Suggestions Wheat 04-21-20
P3446 Characteristics of Successful Poultry Growers Agriculture, Poultry 04-27-20
P3447 Backyard Chickens and COVID-19 Poultry, Coronavirus 06-09-20
P3448 Hardwood Timber Volume-to-Weight Conversions Forest Management 04-27-20
P3449 Infectious Bronchitis in Commercial Chickens Poultry 06-09-20
P3450 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Laws in Mississippi ATV Safety 05-07-20
P3451 Hardwoods: What Is High-Grading? Forest Management, Timber Harvest 05-12-20
P3452 Effects of Flooding on Southern Bottomland Hardwoods Forestry 10-01-21
P3453 Holiday Food Safety Food, Food Safety 05-19-20
P3454 How Does Food Waste Lead to Sea-Level Rise? Marine Resources 06-04-20
P3455-A-E EKOKIDS Scavenger Hunt Wildlife Youth Education, Natural Resources 07-02-20
P3456 Tips For Parents Disaster Response, Children and Parenting, Family Dynamics 06-11-20
P3457 Terminating Tarnished Plant Bug Insecticide Applications Agriculture, Crops, Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests, Insects 05-29-20
P3458 Commercial Chickens and COVID-19: Recommendations for Depopulating Poultry Flocks Poultry, Coronavirus 06-09-20
P3461 Bottomland Hardwoods Natural Regeneration Using the Shelterwood System Trees 06-07-20
P3462 Freeze-Branding Techniques for Horse Owners Livestock 06-16-20
P3463 Upland Hardwoods: Should I Manage or Regenerate My Stand? Forest Economics, Forest Management 10-01-21
P3464 A Scoring System to Help Producers Assess Heat Stress Dairy 06-17-20
P3465 Recognizing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle: How to Visually Record Respiration Rate Livestock, Dairy 07-01-20
P3466 2020 Soybean Variety Suggestions Agriculture, Soybeans 06-17-20