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P3320 ORNAMENTAL GRASSES for Central Mississippi Grasses 06-14-19
P3321 Proper Earth Grounding in Mississippi Poultry Houses Can Prevent Lightning Damage Poultry, Environment 02-06-19
P3322 Basic Compass Orienteering 4-H, 4-H SAFETY 12-11-19
P3323 Finding Your Way Disaster Preparedness 06-25-19
P3324 How to Properly and Safely Start Your ATV ATV Safety 05-07-19
P3325 How to Prepare for an ATV Trail Ride ATV Safety 05-16-19
P3326 Peanuts 2019 Planning Budgets Agricultural Economics, Peanuts 05-03-19
P3327 Cottage Food Laws in Mississippi: Key Guidelines and Policy Implications Agricultural Economics, Food 11-16-20
P3328 Tailgating Food Safety Food Safety 06-17-19
P3329 How Much Water Does Your Evaporative Cooling System Need? Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Poultry 02-18-20
P3330 Cover Crops: Benefits and Limitations Crops, Soil Health 05-07-19
P3331 Benefit–Cost Analysis of Selling Pregnant Replacement Females: Information and Timing Matters Agricultural Economics, Beef 05-30-19
P3334 Derelict Crab Traps in the Gulf of Mexico Seafood Harvesting and Processing 03-25-19
P3335 English Ivy Livestock, Invasive Plants 05-22-19
P3336 Economic Evaluation of the Greenhouse Tomato Short Course Agricultural Economics, Greenhouse Tomatoes 03-30-21
P3341 Fowl Cholera And Infectious Coryza in Backyard Flocks Diseases, Poultry 02-05-20
P3342 2018 Soybean MG IV Mid RR/RR2/RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Crops, Soybeans 05-20-19
P3343 2018 Soybean MG V RR/RR2/RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Crops, Soybeans 05-20-19
P3344 2018 MSU Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Soybeans 06-18-19
P3346 Control Cockroaches In and Around Your Home Insects, Household Insects, Insects-Pests 12-09-19