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Who Says Healthy Has to Be Expensive?

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WannaBee Healthy?

Hurried meal selections can often be unhealthy and unnecessarily expensive. However, by following some basic steps, eating healthily on a budget is possible. Meal planning, smart shopping, and low-stress cooking options can help to make mealtime convenient, affordable, and nutritious for the whole family.

To create balanced meals without breaking the bank, consider the suggestions in this publicaiton.

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Portrait of Dr. Sylvia H. Byrd
Prf & Head, Off Nutrition Educ
Portrait of Dr. Louise E. Davis
Extension Professor
Portrait of Ms. Dorothy Kenda
Regional Registered Dietitian
Portrait of Ms. Qula Madkin
Extension Instructor
Portrait of Ms. Jamila B. Taylor
Director, Head Start & EHS Prg
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Regional Registered Dietitian
Portrait of Ms. Samantha Ann Willcutt
Regional Registered Dietitian
Portrait of Mr. Drew Cole
Extension Specialist I

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