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The Southern House Mosquito and Related Species: Biology and Control

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With 210 to 240 frost-free days (temperate climate) and 50 to 60 inches of rainfall per year, Mississippi's climate is favorable for mosquito development. The insect is found on every continent except Antarctica. In fact, Canada has 74 species, some of which develop in snowmelt water. There are a total of 169 mosquito species in North America north of Mexico and at least 53 species in Mississippi.

Mosquito species are in the order Diptera (flies), family Culicidae, and may be placed in several genera, including Ochlerotatus, Aedes, Anopheles, Culex, Culiseta, Mansonia, and or Psorophora. Nearly half of the mosquitoes in North America belong to the genus Ochlerotatus.

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