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The Economic Contribution of Agriculture and Forestry Production and Processing in Mississippi: An Input-Output Analysis 2016

Publication Number: P2962
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Agriculture and forestry are major components of Mississippi’s economy. In 2014 alone, agriculture and forestry production and processing sectors directly accounted for 113,934 jobs paying $3.04 billion in wages and salaries (Table 1). In addition, agriculture and forestry related sectors also directly accounted for $26.4 billion in sales with a value-added generation of $8.4 billion. Clearly, agriculture and forestry provide a major contribution to the Mississippi economy.

Yet, this contribution has a much larger effect on the Mississippi economy. A larger total contribution results when also accounting for the stimulative effect of spending by the employees of the agriculture and forestry industries. This report provides an estimate of the economic contribution of agriculture and forestry sectors using the most recent data available (2014) on the value of production (e.g., commodities, timber harvests), primary processing activities (e.g., cotton ginning, paper mills), and value-added products (e.g., snack food manufacturing, stationery product manufacturing). This report focuses on the total economic contribution of agriculture and forestry activities on employment and income.

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