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Preparing for the 4-H State Invitational Shotgun Events

Publication Number: P3073
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The 4-H State Invitational Shotgun Events are some of the most fun and eye-opening events that we have in shooting sports. It is definitely a departure from the Clover Clay course that is seen at the local and district levels of competition. At these events, the participant is faced with three different shotgun “games,” all designed to give 4-H’ers a more advanced competition and a small introduction to what they might see at the National Championship.

Often, 4-H’ers who compete at the State Invitational have never shot in any of the three events, so when they step onto the range, they are surprised by the new layout and procedures. The goal of this publication
is to describe how each of the events will be conducted, as well as give some helpful hints that make the courses of fire move smoothly and efficiently for all involved.

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Department: 4-H Youth Development

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