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Mississippi Beef Cattle Management Calendar

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Timely planning and implementing various management practices on Mississippi beef cattle operations is essential for cattle productivity, operational efficiency, and enterprise profitability. This publication presents general management recommendations for each month of the year. Specific considerations for both spring- and fall-calving herds are outlined as well. Some Mississippi herds calve during a winter-season that is between traditional springand fall-calving seasons. Adjust monthly recommendations relative to the time of calving.

Seedstock producers need to perform additional tasks throughout the year beyond the recommendations for commercial cow-calf production. Performance data collection at birth, weaning, and yearling times is critical. Herd inventory reporting and animal registrations through breed associations are also important. For herds performing artificial insemination and embryo transfer, additional management and planning must take place.

Monthly recommendations on stocker operations depend on when cattle are received and marketed, size and age of cattle stockered, growth targets, and previous management. Design stocker nutrition and health management programs based on the factors mentioned previously and time of year. Many of the recommendations presented here, such as those on forage management and heat stress management, apply to both stocker cattle and cow-calf operations.

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