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Guidelines for Pasture Establishment

Publication Number: P2541
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Pastures must be well established to be highly productive. Before establishing new pastures or renovating existing pastures, producers must evaluate the farm’s forage needs. It is important to consider whether the forage will be used for grazing or hay, what forage species are best suited for the area, and what resources are available in terms of equipment, money, and time. The decision of whether or not to renovate a pasture should be based on existing percentages of the desirable species present in the pasture. The following criteria could be used in such a decision:

  • If the pasture contains 75 percent or more desirable species, consider not renovating and instead concentrating on management.
  • If the pasture contains 40 to 75 percent desirable species, consider overseeding and concentrating on management.
  • If the pasture contains less than 40 percent desirable species, consider reestablishing.

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