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North Mississippi Research And Extension Center Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Publication Number: M2304
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In support of the missions of MAFES and MSU Extension, improve the lives of the people of Mississippi by responding to their needs, including collaborating to conduct and share innovative agricultural research; offering practical education for individuals, families, and young people; and serving communities and businesses.


As a part of MAFES and MSU Extension, meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and communities as one of Mississippi’s leading sources for lifelong learning, sustainable practices, and stewardship through research, education, and service.

Strategic Goals

Provide quality research and education that addresses the needs of NMREC stakeholders.
Strategy: Conduct and share innovative agricultural research.
  • Maintain the relevance and effectiveness of NMREC efforts through input from advisory councils and stakeholders.
  • Facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research efforts and team-building.
  • Report current research results to stakeholders.
Strengthen internal and external collaboration to support NMREC research, education, and service.
Strategy: Foster collaborative research and Extension efforts.
  • Build and strengthen communication networks among research and Extension personnel.
  • Incorporate research findings and new technologies in educational programs.
Strategy: Support community engagement and service.
  • Advocate for and reward faculty and staff participation in service activities.
  • Increase awareness of volunteer opportunities and trainings.
Develop internal and external resources to advance NMREC research, education, and service.
Strategy: Grow the capacity of NMREC professionals to meet stakeholders’ changing needs.
  • Encourage and support professional development.
  • Recognize personnel who excel in their work.
Strategy: Recruit and develop students and 4-H’ers to learn from and support NMREC efforts.
  • Involve graduate students in research and professional development.
  • Engage undergraduate students in internships and field-based education.
  • Reward faculty and staff efforts to enhance or expand 4-H youth development.
Strategy: Secure external resources that support innovative research, foster practical education, and promote growth.
  • Enhance collaboration with external partners who can help to achieve shared goals.
  • Provide grantsmanship training and support for personnel.
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Extension Service of Mississippi State University, cooperating with U.S. Department of Agriculture. Published in furtherance of Acts of Congress, May 8 and June 30, 1914 GARY B. JACKSON, Director
Department: North MS Research and Extension Ctr
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