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Minimizing Risk when Operating a Farmers Market

Publication Number: M2349
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This publication contains the posters shown below. 


Wash your hands!


Handwashing Station Here


Hand Sanitizer Here


Shop responsibly!
You touch, you buy.


Keep a 6-foot distance from others.


Do not enter if you are sick!
People showing signs of sickness will be asked to leave.


Do not mingle or shake hands.


Thank you for supporting our market!

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Portrait of Mr. Tom Ball
Extension Associate III
Portrait of Dr. James Newton Barnes
Associate Extension Professor
Portrait of Mr. Hamp Beatty
Extension Associate III
Municipal Public Policy Small Business Development
Portrait of Dr. David Buys
Assistant Professor
State Health Specialist
Portrait of Dr. Rachael Carter
Extension Instructor
Community Development, Tourism, Economics and Natural Resource Policy
Portrait of Dr. Christine E. Coker
Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Urban Horticulture Vegetables Green Roofs Food Systems
Portrait of Dr. Alba J. Collart Dinarte
Assistant Extension Professor
Horticultural Marketing
Portrait of Dr. Courtney Crist
Assistant Extension Professor
Food Safety, Food Science, Food Processing
Associate Extension Professor
Portrait of Dr. Will Evans, Jr.
Professor and Head
Public health education, health promotion
Portrait of Ms. Elizabeth Powell Gregory North
Head, Ag Communications
Portrait of Ms. Anne Howard Hilbun-Benoit
Extension Instructor
Portrait of Dr. Ben Posadas
Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Seafood and specialty crops marketing; Marine and disaster economics
Portrait of Dr. Juan L. Silva
Food Processing Engineer, Productivity Improvement Techniques and Applications in the food Processin
Portrait of Dr. Rebecca Campbell Smith
Assistant Extension Professor
Portrait of Dr. Rick Snyder
Extension/Research Professor
Greenhouse Tomatoes and other vegetables, Field Vegetables, Mushrooms
Portrait of Dr. Eric Thomas Stafne
Extension/Research Professor
Fruit Crops
Portrait of Dr. Jeff Wilson
Assistant Professor
Horticulture: State Master Gardener Coordinator

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