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Information Sheets

Publication Number Title Filed Under Post date
IS1919 4-H SAFETY Safety Officer Reference Guide 4-H, 4-H SAFETY April 14, 2014
IS1920 Building Your Own Backstop 4-H, 4-H SAFETY April 14, 2014
IS1922 Casualty Losses of Shade Trees and Landscape Elements Disaster Response, Disaster Recovery April 14, 2014
IS1939 Forest Diversity: The Food of Life Natural Resources, Forestry, Forest Ecology, Wildlife April 14, 2014
IS1938 The Plant Doctor - Sooty Mold Lawn and Garden, Plant Diseases April 14, 2014
IS1942 Bacterial Leaf Scorch Crops, Fruit, Plant Diseases, Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services, Trees April 14, 2014
IS1944 Hunting for Life: An Introduction to the Hunting Discipline 4-H SAFETY, Waterfowl, White-Tailed Deer April 14, 2014
IS1945 What to Do About Bed Bugs in Poultry Houses Livestock, Poultry, Insects-Human Pests, Insects-Pet Pests April 14, 2014
IS1946 Agriculture and Social Media Agriculture, Community, Technology April 14, 2014
IS1952 Maintenance Critical to Backup Generator Reliability Poultry, Disaster Preparedness April 14, 2014
IS1954 How Much Electrical Power Do You Need? Agricultural Engineering, Family Dynamics April 14, 2014
IS1955 Choosing a Disinfectant for Tools and Surfaces in Horticultural Operations Farming, Lawn and Garden, Plant Diseases April 14, 2014
IS0653 Collecting Insects - Standard 4-H Display Box Youth Projects, Insects, Insect Identification April 14, 2014
IS1296 Four Flap Grafting of Pecans Nuts, Trees April 14, 2014
IS1716 Disaster Relief: Safety Rules and Recovery Procedures after a Natural Disaster Disaster Response, Family Dynamics, Disaster Recovery April 14, 2014
IS0207 Propagating Plants For The Home Landscape Landscape Architecture April 14, 2014
IS0346 Soil Testing For the Farmer Soils, Farming, Soil Testing April 14, 2014
IS0456 Tattooing Cattle Youth Livestock, Livestock April 14, 2014
IS0641 Snakes Alive! How To Identify Snakes Wildlife, Snakes April 14, 2014
IS0656 Azaleas for the Landscape Flower Gardens, Landscape and Garden Design April 14, 2014