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Information Sheets

Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
IS2011 Social Media: You Can't Take It with You Technology, Family Dynamics 01-28-16
IS2003 Prostate Cancer Health Message Health 07-06-18
IS2002 Breast Cancer Health Message Health 07-06-18
IS0530 Top-work Grafting of Pecan Trees Nuts 01-14-19
IS0524 Transplanting Pecan Trees Nuts, Trees 12-10-18
IS2013 Avian Influenza: Frequently Asked Questions Avian Flu 02-05-20
IS2014 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Biosecurity Checklist Avian Flu 02-05-20
IS2015 Biosecurity Measures to Combat Avian Influenza Threat Avian Flu 02-05-20
IS1948 Product Pricing and Breakeven Concept Agricultural Economics 09-16-15
IS2016 2015 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn, Grains 09-11-15
IS1334 Total Alkalinity Fisheries 09-27-16
IS1595 A Basis for Competition in Fishing Derbies Wildlife Youth Education, Fisheries 08-21-18
IS1594 Publicizing and Promoting a Fishing Derby Fisheries 08-26-19
IS1593 Facilities Required for a Fishing Derby Fisheries 08-26-19
IS1592 Selecting a Site for a Fishing Derby Fisheries 09-27-16
IS1591 Planning and Organizing a Fishing Derby Fisheries 08-26-19
IS2017 Testing Residential Private Well Drinking Water and Understanding Bacteriological Analyses Mississippi Well Owner Network, Rural Water Association, Water Quality 08-28-18
IS1358 Installation and Construction of Rice Flood Depth Gauges Rice 09-23-15
IS0844 Forage: Alfalfa Production Forages 11-05-15
IS2019 Community Economic Development: Approaches Community, Economic Development 02-18-19