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Information Sheets

Publication Numbersort descending Title Filed Under Date
IS1475 Buy or Rent? Family Financial Management 02-20-19
IS1487 Measuring Your Blood Pressure Health 01-18-19
IS1501 Winter Drawdown: A Useful Management Tool for Mississippi Farm Ponds Farming, Fisheries 01-24-20
IS1521 Use Medicines Safely Health 01-18-19
IS1522 Guidelines for Supervising Youth 4-H, Volunteers 04-04-19
IS1524 Sun Sense Health 02-20-19
IS1525 Freshwater Prawns: Biology and Life History Crawfish 02-14-19
IS1530 Your Role as Education Chair of a Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Club Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers 01-18-19
IS1531 Protect Your Health From Infections Health 01-18-19
IS1550 Mycotoxin in Swine Diets Swine 01-18-19
IS1551 Mississippi 4-H Junior Master Gardener Program - Information for Prospective Sponsors Volunteers, Youth Projects, Master Gardener, Youth Gardening 03-01-19
IS1574 Tank Mixtures of Forestry Site Preparation Herbicides Can Be Antagonistic Forestry 10-24-18
IS1575 Basic Food Safety Tips for Food Service Personnel ServSafe 07-26-19
IS1578 Mississippi 4-H Junior Master Gardener Program - Guidelines for Extension Agents Youth Projects, Master Gardener, Youth Gardening 10-16-19
IS1580 Nonchemical Weed Control For Homeowners Organic Fruit and Vegetables, Weed Control for Lawn and Garden 01-23-19
IS1584 Interpreting Soil Testing Laboratory Results for Vegetable Crops Soils, Soil Fertility, Soil Testing 11-12-20
IS1587 Agricultural Limestone's Neutralizing Value Soils, Soil Fertility 11-12-20
IS1590 What is a Fishing Derby? Fisheries 01-23-19
IS1591 Planning and Organizing a Fishing Derby Fisheries 08-26-19
IS1592 Selecting a Site for a Fishing Derby Fisheries 09-27-16