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Forest & Timber Facts Issaquena County

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Total Area (279,417 acres; 5,257.1 acres in the USDA Conservation Reserve Program)
Total Area
(288,691 acres; 6,333.1 acres in the USDA Conservation Reserve Program)
Forest types
Forest types
Forest ownership
Forest ownership

Sources: Forestland ownership, acreage, and timber volumes were estimated using the Mississippi Institute for Forest Inventory (MIFI) Dynamic Report Generator Software. Timber harvest value according to the Mississippi Harvest of Forest Products Report. Tax collections according to Mississippi Tax Commission.

Issaquena County timber values over time.
Delta forestlands.
Delta forestland assessed values and estimated ad valorem tax collections.

Benefits of Actively Managing Your Woodlands

  • More likely to realize your forestland objectives.
  • Trees grow tax-deferred as they increase in value and yield.
  • Active forest management enhances wildlife habitat.
  • Managed forests support local forest markets, industry, and jobs.
  • Sound forest management protects soil and water resources.

How to Better Manage Your Woodlands

  • Learn more about forestry by becoming a member of your local forestry and wildlife woodland association.
  • Have a written stewardship management plan for your property.
  • Reforest all harvested or idle forest land.
  • Be an active manager of your forest property.
  • Use the advice and services of a registered, professional forester.

For more information, contact these agencies:

Mississippi State University
Extension Service
Humphreys County Office
(662) 247-2915

Mississippi Forestry Commission
(662) 563-3824


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By Jason S. Gordon and James E. Henderson, Assistant Extension Professors, Forestry.

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Information Sheet 1930
Extension Service of Mississippi State University, cooperating with U.S. Department of Agriculture. Published in furtherance of Acts of Congress, May 8 and June 30, 1914. GARY B. JACKSON, Director


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