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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
5832 Pole Barn April 14, 2014
P1686 Making a Tree Scale Stick 4-H, 4-H Forestry, Forestry June 18, 2019
P1687 4-H Forestry Project No. 8-Identifying Forest Insects and Diseases 4-H, 4-H Forestry, Forestry May 16, 2019
P1690 Ingredient Substitutions and Equivalents Food October 12, 2015
P1736 Planting and Care of Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes, and Roots Flower Gardens October 28, 2015
P1737 How To Get Out Of Debt Basic Money Management, Credit December 19, 2016
P1738 Steps to Successful Money Management Basic Money Management January 3, 2017
P1742 Planning Your Estate Part 1: Where to Begin Estate and Financial Planning November 24, 2015
P1758 Establishment and Maintenance of Blueberries Fruit December 16, 2015
P1762 Legal Terms and Concepts for Forest Landowners Forestry June 19, 2019
P1777 Marketing Your Timber: Forest Products Marketing, Timber Harvest, Wood Products October 4, 2018
P1779 Fruit and Nut Review: Citrus Fruit January 10, 2019
P1783 Modern Timber Bridges: An Alternative for Mississippi Wood Products March 22, 2019
P1815 Wellhead Protection Water November 11, 2014
P1816 Natural Regeneration Using Seed Trees Forestry, Regeneration April 11, 2017
P1826 Annual & Perennial Flowers For Mississippi Gardens Flower Gardens January 22, 2020
P1834 Evaluating High-Graded Hardwood Stands Forestry, Forest Management May 22, 2019
P1858 Insect Control of Commercial Turf Insects-Forage Pests, Insects-Pests, Turfgrass and Lawn Management June 12, 2019
P1861 Greenhouse Tomatoes: Pest Management in Mississippi Greenhouse Tomatoes, Insects-Crop Pests, Plant Diseases June 18, 2019
P1867 Making a Difference through a Career in Extension About Extension September 23, 2015