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Happy Healthy SNAP-Ed brochure

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education

A free program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture promoting healthy people, healthy places, and healthy communities in Mississippi.

Learn how to cook healthy foods and save money!

Learn how to keep your family healthy and feeling good!

and it’s free!


for quick and easy step-by-step recipes and how-to videos, to sign up for a cooking class, or to participate in a community garden.

SNAP-Ed is ACTIVITIES that will help you to

  • read food labels in the grocery store.
  • save money on groceries.
  • make your food budget last until the end of the month.
  • make healthier food choices.
  • be more active.

These ACTIVITIES are taught by an educator who

  • lives in your community.

  • knows what it is like to live there.

  • cares about your success.

You will

  • cook healthy meals yourself.

  • learn about handling food safely.

  • taste the food you cook.

  • get copies of the recipes to take home.

We serve children and their parents, adults, and older adults. All are welcome!

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Facebook: Happy Healthy



If you are eligible for assistance programs like SNAP, you are also eligible for SNAP-Ed.

To sign up for SNAP-Ed programs, contact your local Mississippi State University Extension Office.

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Your Extension Experts

Portrait of Dr. David Buys
Associate Professor
State Health Specialist
Portrait of Dr. Sylvia H. Byrd
Professor & Project Director
Professor, Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion Project Director, Office of Nutrition E
Portrait of Ms. Dorothy Kenda
Regional Registered Dietitian
Portrait of Ms. Madison Chapman Payne
Regional Registered Dietitian
Portrait of Ms. Kelli L. Whitten
Regional Registered Dietitian
Portrait of Ms. Samantha Ann Willcutt
Regional Registered Dietitian