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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
M2345 Making Homemade Books Family, Children and Parenting, Family Dynamics April 29, 2020
P3446 Characteristics of Successful Poultry Growers Agriculture, Poultry April 27, 2020
P3448 Hardwood Timber Volume-to-Weight Conversions Forest Management April 27, 2020
P3447 Backyard Chickens and COVID-19 Poultry, Coronavirus April 24, 2020
P3436 Homegrown Flower, Herb and Vegetable Transplants Agriculture, Flower Gardens, Herb Gardens, Vegetable Gardens April 22, 2020
P3441 2019 Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Results Crops, Corn April 22, 2020
P3445 2019 MSU Wheat Variety Suggestions Wheat April 21, 2020
P3438 2020 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn April 21, 2020
P2344 COVID-19 Resources for Local Governments City and County Government, Coronavirus April 18, 2020
P3437 Calendar of Home Gardening Chores in Mississippi Lawn and Garden, Landscape and Garden Design April 17, 2020
P3444 Six Strategies to Strengthen Your Business during COVID-19 Coronavirus April 16, 2020
P3426 Preserved Magnolia Wreath for the Farmer Florist Floral Design April 15, 2020
P3424 Add Healthy Foods to Your Recipes Health and Wellness, Food and Health April 6, 2020
P3435 Does Vibration Stimulation Offer an Effective Therapeutic Advantage to Performance Horses? 4-H Livestock Program April 1, 2020
P3361 Bacterial Speck and Bacterial Spot in Tomatoes Fruit, Fruit and Nut Diseases, Vegetable Diseases March 31, 2020
P3423 Water Science and Stewardship Water, Mississippi Water Stewards April 2, 2020
P3434 New Soybean Potassium Recommendations Soybeans March 26, 2020
P799 Dairy Poster Contest Youth Livestock March 26, 2020
P3433 COVID-19 medidas preventivas para profesionales de la industria de alimentos, incluyendo productores/manejadores de frutas y hortalizas Food Safety, Coronavirus March 26, 2020
P3431 Estimating Dry Hay Value Agricultural Economics, Forages, Livestock March 20, 2020