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Cucurbit Downy Mildew


Mississippi Irrigation Manual

  • Publication Number: P3951
    Filed Under: Irrigation
    Publication Type: Publications

Beginning Beekeeping in Mississippi

  • Publication Number: P3594
    Filed Under: Beekeeping
    Publication Type: Publications

2022 MSU Extension On-Farm Cotton Variety Demonstration Program

Amur Honeysuckle

Mississippi’s 10 Worst Invasive Weeds

2024 Projected Corn, Cotton, and Soybean Crop Returns Summary

Native Warm-Season Grasses as a Forage in Mississippi: Grazing Management

Demographic Dynamics in Mississippi: Transition to an Aging Society

Climate-Smart Commodities (CSC) Pilot Program Overview

Lespedeza Types Used as Forage Crops in the Southern U.S.

  • Publication Number: P3208
    Filed Under: Forages
    Publication Type: Publications

Establishment and Maintenance of Blueberries

  • Publication Number: P1758
    Filed Under: Fruit
    Publication Type: Publications

2023 MSU Extension On-Farm Cotton Variety Demonstration Program

Poultry Farming and Neighbors: The Little Things Are Important

  • Publication Number: P3787
    Filed Under: Poultry
    Publication Type: Publications

On-Farm Water Storage Systems and Surface Water for Irrigation

Vermicomposting for the Mississippi Gardener

4-H Agronomy Bowl: Contest Rules and Regulations

  • Publication Number: P3596
    Filed Under: 4-H, Crops, Soils
    Publication Type: Publications