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P3353 Beach Vitex (Vitex rotundifolia L.f.) Invasive Plants 05-20-19
P3354 The Great Red Snapper Count Tagging Study Marine Resources 01-30-20
P3355 Thickness and Thermal Gradients across Broiler Hatching Eggshells Poultry 02-06-20
P3356 Coastal Wetland Restoration Plant Fact Sheets Environment 08-18-20
P3357 Using Google Earth to Estimate Shoreline Erosion History Natural Resources, Environment 08-18-20
P3359 Greenhouse Sweet Potato Slip Production Budget for Mississippi Sweet Potatoes 01-06-20
P3361 Bacterial Speck and Bacterial Spot in Tomatoes Fruit, Fruit and Nut Diseases, Vegetable Diseases 03-31-20
P3362 Marigolds (Tagetes erecta) for the Farmer Florist Commercial Horticulture, Cut Flowers and Houseplants, Flower Gardens 06-20-19
P3363 2019 Legislative Session Summary City and County Government 06-21-19
P3364 Creating a Farm-to-Table Event Food and Health, Health 06-12-19
P3366 Hunter Etiquette 4-H Safety Programs 06-10-19
P3367 The Asian Longhorned Tick: A New Invasive Tick Species in the Eastern U.S. Insects-Human Pests, Insects-Pet Pests, Insects-Pests 09-20-19
P3368 Environmental Control for Greenhouse-Grown Sweetpotato Slips Sweet Potatoes 08-22-19
P3369 Water Resource Management BMPs for Golf Courses
 in Louisiana and Mississippi Environment 05-06-21
P3370 Cool-Season Bedding Plants for Central Mississippi Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens 04-07-22
P3371 Is No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Poultry Production Sustainable? Animal Health, Poultry 03-13-20
P3372 Effective Workplace Mentoring About Extension, Leadership 07-12-19
P3373 Introduction to Oil and Gas Leasing Economic Development, Oil and Gas 07-17-19
P3374 Recommended Oil and Gas Pre-Drill Parameters Oil and Gas, Economic Development 12-13-19
P3375 Chain-of-Custody Water Testing and Well Yield Testing Economic Development, Mississippi Well Owner Network 07-17-19