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2019 Soybean Variety Suggestions

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Maturity Group IV – Roundup Ready 2 Xtend (Early)

  • Armor 45-D50*
  • Asgrow AG46X6
  • Asgrow AG45X8
  • Asgrow AG43X7
  • Croplan RX4687S*
  • Croplan RX4500S*
  • Delta Grow DG 46X25 D*
  • Dyna-Gro S45XS37
  • Local Seed LS4677X*
  • Local Seed LS4583X*
  • Local Seed LS4565XS*
  • Mission Seed A4447NSXR2*
  • Mission Seed A4608X*
  • MorSoy MS 4616 RXT
  • NK S45-J3X*
  • NK S45-K5X
  • Pioneer P46A57BX*
  • Progeny P 4620 RXS
  • Progeny P 4444 RXS

Maturity Group IV – Roundup Ready 2 Xtend (Late)

  • AgriGold G4995RX*
  • AGS GS48X18*
  • Armor 49-D31*
  • Asgrow AG48X9*
  • Croplan RX4825
  • Delta Grow DG 48X45 D
  • Dyna-Gro S48XT56
  • Great Heart Seed GT-4979X*
  • Great Heart Seed GT-4721X
  • Local Seed LS4889XS*
  • Local Seed LS4966X*
  • Local Seed AV49W3X*
  • Mission Seed A4950X*
  • Mission Seed A4828X*
  • MorSoy MS 4846 RXT
  • Pioneer P48A60X*
  • Progeny P 4851 RX
  • Progeny P 4816 RX
  • Progeny 4799 RXS
  • Terral REV 4927X
  • Terral REV 4857X
  • USG 7496XTS

Maturity Group IV – LibertyLink

  • Credenz CZ 4649LL
  • Credenz CZ 4918LL
  • Credenz CZ 4938LL
  • Credenz CZ 4820LL
  • Credenz CZ 4748LL
  • Delta Grow DG 4977 LL/STS
  • Dyna-Gro S49LL34
  • Pioneer P47A76L*
  • Terral REV 49L88*
  • Terral REV 46L99*
  • Terral REV 47L38*

Maturity Group IV – Conventional

  • GoSoy Irene
  • University of Mo. S13-3851C

Maturity Group V – Roundup Ready 2 Xtend

  • AgriGold G5288RX*
  • AgriGold G5000RX
  • AGS GS51X18S*
  • Armor 50-D13*
  • Asgrow AG52X9*
  • Delta Grow DG 52X15 D*
  • Great Heart Seed GT-5324X
  • Local Seed LS5087X*
  • Progeny P 5252 RX*
  • Progeny P 5018 RX*
  • Progeny P 5688 RX
  • Progeny P 5016 RXS

Maturity Group V – Roundup Ready / Roundup Ready 2 Yield

  • Delta Grow DG 5170 GENRR2Y/STS
  • GoSoy 50G17*
  • Progeny P 5226 RYS*
  • Terral REV 56A58
  • Terral REV 55A67
  • University of Ark. R14-14797 RR

Maturity Group V – LibertyLink

  • Credenz CZ 5225 LL*
  • Credenz CZ 5242 LL

Maturity Group V – Conventional

  • University of Mo. M05201D Conv*
  • GoSoy 56C16*


Suggestions are based upon overall consistency and yield performance in Mississippi soybean official variety trials. This list is intended to serve as an additional resource for variety selection. Consult other sources, such as results from official variety trials and demonstration programs for detailed information regarding variety performance.

*Indicates that a variety is a “promising variety” and was selected based on excellent yield performance in MSU official variety trials with minimal field testing in production settings.


The information given here is for educational purposes only. References to commercial products, trade names, or suppliers are made with the understanding that no endorsement is implied and that no discrimination against other products or suppliers is intended.

Publication 3339 (POD-03-19) Copyright 2019 by Mississippi State University. All rights reserved. This publication may be copied and distributed without alteration for nonprofit educational purposes provided that credit is given to the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

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