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​2021 Sponsorship Information

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Rural Medical & Science Scholars is a 4-week summer program for rising high school seniors, to help them determine if they want to pursue health-related careers. The program shapes students’ interest and understanding of medicine, health-related disciplines, and other STEM fields.

The Scholars engage with physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals, and they complete 1 month of health science college coursework and engage in didactic, observational, and experiential learning for 6 hours of college credit. Courses include Introduction to Health Professions and Foundations of Rural Health. Scholars also engage with faculty and administrators at the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Medicine. Not only do the Scholars make new friends with similar interests and goals, but they also get a taste of college life by living on the Mississippi State University campus.

Please support the Rural Medical & Science Scholars program. Whether you choose to sponsor an individual scholar or the program itself, a variety of opportunities are available for you to demonstrate your commitment to keeping future healthcare and other STEM professionals in Mississippi.

To give to the Rural Medical & Science Scholars program, please contact
Mr. Will Staggers at (662) 325-2837 or
If you have questions about the Rural Medical & Science Scholars program,
please visit our website at, or contact
Ms. Ann Sansing at (662) 325-4043 or

Remember, every gift makes a difference.


Will Staggers
Director of Development
Mississippi State University Foundation

2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Scholar: $2,400

Funds tuition, housing, textbooks, orientation materials, and training curricula.

Scholars in Clinical Shadowing: $1,500

Provides transportation for lunch, clinical shadowing, and the visit to the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Celebration of Scholars Dinner/Dinner with a Healthcare Professional: $1,500

Funds a formal dinner for scholars and healthcare professionals to promote
networking and relationship-building opportunities.

Scholars in Engineering: $300

Funds supplies to engage scholars in health-, science-, and engineering-

related careers.

Scholars in the Lab: $300

Funds supplies to teach suturing skills at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Scholars in Research: $300

Funds supplies to engage scholars in STEM-based research opportunities.

Scholars in the Kitchen: $300

Funds supplies to teach best practices for incorporating functional foods in diets.

Junior Master Wellness Volunteer Training: $500

Funds supplies and curricula to train scholars to promote health as Junior Master Wellness Volunteers, aiming to improve health literacy and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Scholars earn community service hours.

2021 Sponsorship Levels

All donors will be recognized at the program’s Celebration of Scholars. Every sponsor will also be listed on the webpage. Size and placement of logos will be determined by the donation level.

Legacy Sponsor: $25,000

  • Opportunities to network and continue relationship with scholars
  • Two highlights on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Logo included in parent/student packet
  • Logo on sponsor slideshow
  • Logo on event T-shirt
  • Logo on program banner
  • Appreciation-video mention
  • Opportunity to present a session to scholars (if desired)
  • Invitation to Celebration of Scholars

Platinum Sponsor: $10,000

  • Opportunities to network and continue relationship with scholars
  • One highlight on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Logo included in parent/student packet
  • Logo on sponsor slideshow
  • Appreciation-video mention
  • Invitation to Celebration of Scholars

Gold Sponsor: $5,000

  • Logo included in parent/student packet
  • Appreciation-video mention
  • Invitation to Celebration of Scholars

Silver Sponsor: $2,500

  • Appreciation-video inclusion

Bronze Sponsor: $1,000

Brie Cerda-Marin
“Our community needs more doctors, and it’s important for Mississippians to stay in Mississippi and help.”

Brie Cerda-Marin
Lauderdale County

Benjamin Martin
“RMS gave me exposure to different medical fields.”

Benjamin Martin
Rankin County

Contact us!


Twitter: @MSU_FSNHP

Facebook: Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion - MSU

Instagram: msu_rms


Phone:(662) 325-2837

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