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Forage: Bermudagrass

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Updated: March 31, 2016
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The forage bermudagrasses are a group of warmseason, deep-rooted perennial pasture grasses used for grazing and hay in the South. Approximately half of the entire permanent pasture acreage in Mississippi is devoted to growing bermudagrass, alone or in combination with dallisgrass, tall fescue, or legumes. The bermudagrasses are adapted to a variety of soils and provide as much or more grazing than any of the other summer pasture grasses. Most of the bermudagrass is in central and north Mississippi, but it grows well in most areas in south Mississippi if managed properly.

With the improved bermudagrasses, it is possible to graze up to one cow per acre during parts of the summer and also harvest up to 3 tons of hay per acre. Bermudagrass is the easiest of all the grasses to manage, and it responds well to fertilizer and weed-control programs. Bermudagrass will not persist with limited or no management, as will bahiagrass.

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