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    "Any time I can take one of Extension’s hands-on florist workshops, I do it. I’ve learned how to be more intentional in my designs, how to execute them more professionally, and how to make each one unique."

    owner and florist at Wild Flowers in Tishomingo County

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    "Extension is very important to small businesses. With the Bricks to Clicks program, we went from basically no growth in a year to looking over the next 3 years and tripling our volume."

    - Kenneth Thomas
    owner of Umble Coffee
    in Oktibbeha County

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    "When I started in 4-H public speaking, I was nervous, but I knew I could do it. Now, I really love it. It has given me skills some of my classmates don’t have."

    - Jacob Turner
    Washington County 4-H’er

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    "Extension professionals see things I don’t see, because they’re trained in a different discipline from what I am. For the soils on my farm, they had suggestions on how to improve what I was doing."

    - Sledge Taylor
    owner of Buckeye Farms in Panola County

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    "As a volunteer, I noticed people in my community experiencing food insecurity. I knew I needed to start a food pantry. Extension helped me find resources and partners to start the H.O.P.E. Family Enrichment Center—to give people hope."

    - Yvett Roby
    director of Mississippi State University Office of Survivor Support

A man and woman stand behind a kitchen counter filled with fruits and vegetables.
June is National Men’s Health Month! The observation encourages men to care for their bodies by exercising, eating right, and taking steps to prevent disease.
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