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There’s so much growth, learning, and fun to be had in each new school year!
July 18, 2024

School is right around the corner! For those whose children are in schools with year-round schedules, the first day of class is coming up sooner rather than later. 

A brown tick on a finger.
Take precautionary steps to help prevent you from being bitten by a tick (Photo by Adobe Stock)
June 26, 2024

There’s nothing like spending time in the great outdoors! Whether you’re camping or hiking, or even gardening or lounging, it’s important to protect yourself from ticks. 

A woman stands outside in front of a playset.
June 14, 2024

Carmen Grubbs Collins, a well-respected businesswoman in Simpson County who recently obtained her childcare license, is one of many Mississippians who are improving the quality of childcare they offer working parents. Receiving licensure was a significant milestone for Collins, and one she achieved with the support of the Nurturing Homes Initiative, or NHI, program. The NHI program is offered through the Mississippi State University Extension Service and funded by the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

Success Stories

A mother embraces her son in a school hallway.
Volume 10 Number 2

When Kash Barnett started preschool, his vocabulary consisted of just five words.

A woman standing beside the window of a house that has a sign with “Venisha’s Home” listed on it.
Volume 10 Number 2

In Rolling Fork, the Mississippi town in Sharkey County devastated by a twister on March 24, 2023, despair was not an option.

A smiling woman, holding a bowl of rocks in one hand and a bowl of sandy colored dirt in the other, standing in from of paintings hung on a line to dry.
Volume 10 Number 2

Robin Whitfield, who gave the child the paper, stands awestruck, watching her friend’s daughter use the flower to draw and color on the page.