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Fall Flower & Garden Fest

Fall Flower and Garden Fest logo.The Fall Flower & Garden Fest has been the largest home-gardening show in the Southeast, with average attendance of 5,000 people over the multi-day event. One highlight of the Fest, held in the 3-acre garden at the Truck Crops Branch Experiment Station, has been featuring the winners of the prestigious All-America Selections award.

Because of staff reductions, we regret that we cannot hold the Fall Flower & Garden Fest in 2022 and we must put plans for future Fests on hold indefinitely.

We are grateful for the enthusiastic participation we have had over the years from partners, vendors, and guests. Thank you all for your support of the Fall Flower & Garden Fest!

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Portrait of Dr. Shaun Robert Broderick
Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Ornamental Horticulture