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Dry Kiln Operator's Manual

The purpose of this manual is to describe both the basic and practical aspects of kiln drying lumber. The manual is intended for several types of audiences. First and foremost, it is a practical guide for the kiln operator-a reference manual to turn to when questions arise. It is also intended for mill managers, so that they can see the importance and complexity of lumber drying and thus be able to offer kiln operators the support they need to do their job well. Finally, the manual is intended as a classroom text-either for a short course on lumber drying or for the wood technology curriculum in universities or technical colleges.

Properties of Wood
Kiln Types
Kiln Equipment<
Inspection and Maintenance
Stacking and Loading
Kiln Samples
Kiln Schedules
Drying Defects
Operating a Dry Kiln
Log and Lumber Storage
Energy in Kiln Drying

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