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Workshop 4. Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber/Putting it All Together

Participants will accomplish the following:


Learn about the health benefits of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


Understand how vitamins, minerals, and fiber promote overall health.


  • Identify fat and water soluble vitamins and understand their functions.
  • Identify important minerals and how they can help control diabetes.
  • Identify vitamin and mineral deficiency and recognize signs and symptoms of those deficiencies.
  • Identify soluble vs. insoluble fibers.
  • Learn how to use fiber to reduce blood sugar spikes. 
  • Create healthy meal plans.
  • Identify personal roadblocks in your journey of healthier eating habits.
  • Understand the benefit of physical activity in diabetes management.
  • Identify resources for assistance with these topics.
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Success Stories

A man wearing a suit stands beside a desk with a banner listing “Welcome to the Tunica Health & Wellness Hub.”
Volume 10 Number 1

You don’t have to have diabetes to benefit from the principles of the Dining with Diabetes (DWD) program.

Three women standing in front of a MyPlate banner.
Volume 10 Number 1

Dining with Diabetes covers healthy eating, physical activity, disease monitoring, medication compliance, and risk reduction, and the course empowers participants by giving them access to nutrition knowledge and resources for food preparation. Classes include research-based education, cooking demonstrations, and healthy recipe tasting. These tools can help people make positive changes by planning menus, counting carbohydrates, controlling portions, and reading labels.

A woman wearing a white and blue striped shirt and holding fresh vegetables stands in front of a kitchen sink.
Volume 7 Number 3

Client makes healthier choices using Extension’s Dining with Diabetes program

When it comes to changing eating habits, even if you’re ready, willing, and able, eating more nutritiously can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

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