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Sunflower County

Healthy Cooking

Mission Statement - To reduce the rate of obesity in Sunflower County by promoting healthy cooking and eating among children and adults.

Eight women gathered at a table pose for a picture.

Walking Programs

Mission Statement - To set up a lasting, motivating, and effective walking program to reduce obesity for all persons from the young to the old and for all communities in Sunflower County.

Press Release - Drew Citizen gets Sunflower County walking 

Seven people gather around a table and decorated presentation board saying, "Let's Walk Our Way To A Healthier America."

Children's Sport Programs

Mission Statement - To create a fun and healthy environment in Sunflower County, encouraging youth to participate in sports activities to become physically active.

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A woman stands in a kitchen.
Filed Under: Food, Nutrition and Wellness January 17, 2023

With food prices on the rise, my grocery bill has increased significantly. Healthy eating is a priority for me, but I want to make sure I stay within budget at the store. Check out some of my favorite budget-friendly tips.

A mug with tea in it.
Filed Under: Food, Health January 10, 2023

I enjoy warm drinks during the winter months, but coffee just isn’t the ideal afternoon beverage for me. I prefer something without caffeine.

Close up of an electric space heater sitting on a hardwood floor.
Filed Under: Family, Housing and Homebuyer, Food and Health, Health December 19, 2022

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Space heaters and fireplaces can help keep temperatures comfortable during cold weather. However, all types of heating equipment can be fire hazards if safety precautions are not taken. According to the National Fire Protection Association, home heating fires happen most often in December, January and February, accounting for almost half of all home heating fires.

Qula Madkin
Filed Under: Food, Nutrition and Wellness, Nutrition December 13, 2022

Don’t put your health and fitness goals on the backburner this holiday season just because you’re traveling. There are plenty of ways to practice wellness and keep your family and yourself on track. 

Sick man lying on sofa checking his temperature at home in the living room
Filed Under: Health and Wellness, Family, Food and Health, Health December 7, 2022

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Flu hospitalizations in the U.S. have reached the highest level in a decade, but it is not too late to get protected during these peak months.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rated 34 U.S. states and the District of Columbia as having the highest levels of flu activity possible on its scale during the week ending November 26. Mississippi was one of the first states to reach that threshold early that month.

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