Sun Safety

Sun shining on corn field.

Agricultural workers spend long hours in hot, humid weather, which can be dangerous. Use good judgment and take simple precautions to avoid heat illnesses when the heat index is 100°F or more, which happens when the temperature is above 90°F and the humidity is above 60 percent.

In these conditions, several illnesses such as heat stroke, heat cramps, or heat exhaustion are possible with physical activity or prolonged exposure. The heat may overcome the body’s ability to regulate internal body temperature at a safe level.

Some of the signs of heat illness include nausea, weakness, fainting, and pale, clammy skin. A warning signal before heat illness occurs may be red, dry skin. Prompt action can prevent the most serious heat illness— heat stroke—which is fatal 50 percent of the time.

Sun Sense publication

Sun safe habits every farmer needs to know

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