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Potty Training

How do I know when my child is ready for potty training?

Potty training takes time and patience. All children will not be ready to potty train at the same time. Between 18 and 24 months, children start to show signs of being ready, but some children may not be ready until 30 months. Listed below are a few signs children may show when they are ready to potty train.

  • The child stays dry at least 2 hours a day or stays dry during naps.
  • Bowel movements become regular.
  • The child begins to show signs on their face when they are using the bathroom in their diaper.
  • The child can follow simple instructions.
  • The child can walk to and from the bathroom and can help undress themselves.
  • The child wants to have dirty and wet diapers changed.
  • The child asks to use the toilet or potty chair.
  • The child asks to wear grown-up underwear.

How do I begin potty training my child?

  • Take the child to the potty chair and tell him/her what it is.
  • Help the child learn when they need to go to the potty. The child may tell you he/she has a wet or dirty diaper after they have used the bathroom in their diaper. Praise them for telling you and they will learn to tell you before they use the bathroom.
  • Take the child to the potty often even if he/she doesn't go. Let the child sit on the potty several times a day.
  • Begin putting training pants on the child. It will take time for the child to learn to use the potty without having accidents, but be patient.
  • When the child goes a few days without having an accident, let him/her wear underwear.
  • Let the child begin to take control of his/her own potty training. This includes pushing and pulling pants down, getting on and off the potty, using the toliet paper, pulling up underwear and pants, flushing the toliet and washing hands.


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