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Holmes County

Family Dinner

Mission Statement - Bringing the family back to the dinner table to help fight obesity.

Press Release - Holmes family brings dinner back to the table

Two women sitting down and one woman standing behind them post for a picture as they gather around a small orange sign that says, "Family Dinner."

Common Gardens

Mission Statement - Creating and demonstrating healthy lifestyle habits with community-wide involvement by creating a community garden.

Eight people posing around a cluttered brown table.

Physical Activity Outside of Schools

Mission Statement - To promote, improve, and model physical activity in innovative ways that benefit the community as a whole.

Five women posing around a cluttered table.

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Filed Under: Creating Healthy Indoor Childcare Environments, Healthy Water Practices, Water, SipSafe January 12, 2023

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- A water sampling program conducted by the Mississippi State University Extension Service has encouraging initial data about lead levels in drinking water collected at child care centers around the state.

Preliminary data gathered as part of the SipSafe program paint a reassuring picture for most of the faucets sampled.

Close up of an electric space heater sitting on a hardwood floor.
Filed Under: Family, Housing and Homebuyer, Food and Health, Health December 19, 2022

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Space heaters and fireplaces can help keep temperatures comfortable during cold weather. However, all types of heating equipment can be fire hazards if safety precautions are not taken. According to the National Fire Protection Association, home heating fires happen most often in December, January and February, accounting for almost half of all home heating fires.

Sick man lying on sofa checking his temperature at home in the living room
Filed Under: Health and Wellness, Family, Food and Health, Health December 7, 2022

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Flu hospitalizations in the U.S. have reached the highest level in a decade, but it is not too late to get protected during these peak months.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rated 34 U.S. states and the District of Columbia as having the highest levels of flu activity possible on its scale during the week ending November 26. Mississippi was one of the first states to reach that threshold early that month.

Close up view of a person ordering merchandise from a laptop computer in front of a Christmas tree.
Filed Under: Family November 28, 2022

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving. But beware of scammers who want to steal your holiday joy and money – and maybe even your identity. Watch out for these common scams during the holidays.

Close up of a space heater sitting on a hardwood floor
Filed Under: Family November 17, 2022

The temperatures have dropped drastically in the last week. If you’ve taken out your space heater or you’re using your fireplace, it’s important to use some safety precautions.

Heaters and fireplaces are nice ways to help keep you comfortable during cold weather. However, you should also be aware that heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries, according to the National Fire Protection Association.


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