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General Pest Control Training Webinar

The General Pest Control Training Webinar provides training and recertification for owners, managers, general pest control registered technicians, and certified applicators working in the Mississippi pest control industry (Category VII-A, GRC and in Category VIII Public Health Pest Control). (5 training hours) 

This training is co-sponsored by the Mississippi State University Extension Service’s Urban Pest Management Program and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce/Bureau of Plant Industry, in cooperation with the Mississippi Pest Control Association.

This is a one-day webinar with three hours of training in the morning, a one-hour break for lunch, and 2 hours of training in the afternoon (5 training hours).

Benefits of participation in the General Pest Control Training Webinar:

  • Recertification for general pest control registered technicians (Category GRC).
  • Recertification for certified applicators (in Category VII-A or Category VIII).
  • Training for new registered technicians
  • Training enhancement for experienced registered technicians, managers, and owners
  • Training for persons preparing to take licensing or permit exams

Topics Covered

  • Bed Bugs, Dr. Jerome Goddard, MSU-ES
  • Cockroaches, Biology and Control, Dr. Blake Layton, MSU-ES
  • Regulatory Issues for General Pest Control, Mr. Russell Kohler, MDAC-BPI
  • Pesticide Safety for General Pest and Rodent Control, Mr. Gene Merkl, MSU-ES
  • Fleas and Flea Control, Dr. Blake Layton, MSU-ES

General Pest Control Training Webinar

June 9, 2022, (Registration closes June 6, 2022)

  • Begins: 9:00 AM
  • Ends: 4:00 PM (or before)
  • Registration Fee: $30, payable online by credit card
  • Be sure to provide the e-mail address where you want to access the webinar
  • Be sure to provide license number/technician card number if taking for recertification

Registration link

You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

A second e-mail with information and a link for joining the webinar will be sent one to two days before the webinar (after registration closes).

  • If you have problems registering, please call 662-325-3226
  • If you have problems accessing the webinar on the day of training, please call 662-325-3226

Participants can receive recertification credit for Category VII-A, registered technician work category GRC, and/or recertification for a license or permit in General Pest and Rodent Control in Mississippi, as well as recertification credit for Category VIII, Public Health Pest Control.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancel seven or more days before the webinar to receive full refund.
  • No refunds within 7 days of the webinar (there is a $30 fee for refunds within 7 days of event)

Questions, contact Blake Layton:
Phone: 662-325-2960


Resources and Literature

Extension Publication 2443: Control Household Insect Pests

Tawny Crazy Ant Control Recommendations

Extension Publication 2546: Bed Bugs, and what to do about them 

Extension Publication 2429: Control Fire Ants in Your Yard

MSU Fire Ant Web Site

Extension Publication 3346: Control Cockroaches in and around your home

Bug’s Eye View Newsletter (200+ archived articles, many on household and structural pests)

MDAC Bureau of Plant Industry Web Site

Regulations Governing Commercial Insect, Rodent, Plant Disease and Weed Control Work

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Mississippi is home to several flying insects that can be mistaken for the invasive Asian giant hornet discovered in Washington in 2020. Blake Layton, Mississippi State University Extension Service entomologist, said this insect, also called a “murder hornet,” has not been confirmed outside the Northwest. However, Layton said he has been contacted by people who think they have seen these hornets in Mississippi and Alabama in the last few weeks.

Success Stories

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A dream of the Mississippi Pest Control Association and the Mississippi State University Extension Service is coming true after more than 20 years, thanks to a generous donation by one of Mississippi’s oldest pest-control companies.


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