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DeSoto County Extension Newsletter

It's October! FALL is here! The leaves are starting to change colors and we are kicking off a new programmatic year. Inside this newsletter you will find it packed with information, activities and events of things you can take a part in. Join us because we sure would love to have you participate in one of our events or activities.

Remember the purpose of this newsletter is to provide information of interest to everyone. Our farmers, producers, Master Gardeners, 4-Hers, volunteers, and the general public. If you have any questions about articles or info in this month's newsletter please reach out to us at the Extension Office.


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Portrait of Ms. Lara Savage Angel
Extension Agent III
Portrait of Ms. Jessica L Sibley
Extension Agent III*
Portrait of Ms. Laura McCurdy Anglin
Extension Agent I
Portrait of Mr. Matthew Thomas Thornton
Extension Agent II