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Ag Practice Custom Rate Survey

A very useful document that we have produced periodically over the years in MSU Agricultural Economics and MSU Extension is the Custom Rate Survey. This document allows for producers and landowners to view custom rate costs for specific practices such as tillage, planting, baling, harvesting and others across the state. However, in order to produce this publication, we need help surveying producers to gain insight into the costs they either charge for custom services or that are incurred by producers for a specific practice that someone did for them. The more quality responses that are given will help with the accuracy of the information that is placed in the next publication. If a producer is not sure of a cost, they can skip that particular section and fill in the ones that they know.

Thanks for your help with this important publication, and if anyone has any questions about the current publication or the survey, feel free to contact Dr. Steve Martin or Dr. Brian Mills.

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Ag Practice Custom Rate Survey Publications


Buckets of peppers stand on a table at a market.
Filed Under: Farmers Markets, Community May 21, 2024

One of summertime’s treats in the South is the prevalence of farmers markets, community social events that allow shoppers to leave with a variety of fresh, local fruits, vegetables and other goods.

Rows of corn stalks in a field with the sky in the background.
Filed Under: Agriculture, Crops, Corn May 20, 2024

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Despite wet spring weather that pushed planting beyond the typical window, Mississippi corn producers have essentially completed planting and the crop is in good condition.

Closeup of a dial on a pressure canner.
Filed Under: Fruit, Food and Health, Food, Food Safety, Lawn and Garden, Vegetable Gardens May 17, 2024

Home canning is an economical way to preserve the bounty of your garden. This Q&A may answer some questions for you, whether you’re new to canning or you’ve been canning for years.

Success Stories

A woman and man seated in a side-by-side with a cattle field stretching behind them.
Volume 10 Number 1

Cruising into Madison County, you see a cultivated urban landscape full of brick edifices and manicured lawns spring up around you. Your cell phone announces your turnoff, and you comply, turning onto an older road that soon turns to gravel.

A woman smiling and holding a planter full of lettuce.
Volume 10 Number 1

Susie Harmon laughs when she relates her granddaughter’s observation of her favorite pastime.

A woman stands in front of library book shelves beside a tall, green 4-H display.
Volume 10 Number 1

A Smithsonian Institution exhibit about rural communities continues its journey in public libraries across Mississippi.


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