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COVID-19 Resources for Businesses, Farms, and Communities

Mississippi FARM Corps

The mission of Mississippi FARM Corps is to provide a ready, willing, and able workforce of National Guard and Reserve soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and other military veterans in service to American agriculture.


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Hand Hygiene


Info in PDF above.


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Homemade Hand Sanitizer – Small scale recipe from World Health Organization formulation


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Cleaning and Disinfection


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General FAQs and Employee Health

Cleaning and Disinfection

Receiving and Food Packaging

Restaurant Reopening Information
AFDO Restaurant Reopening Fact Sheet v.5.pdf

Grocery Store

General FAQs and Employee Health

Cleaning and Disinfection

Receiving and Food Packaging

Grocery Shopping

Food Bank

Best Practices and Communication

Receiving Food and Cleaning 

Farmers’ Markets

Handling COVID-19 at Farmers’ Markets

U-Pick Farms  

Handling COVID-19 at U-Pick Farms


Community-Gardens_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf

Virtual Backgrounds 

Bulk-Beef-Sales_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf

Bulk-Pork-Sales_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf

Bulk-Poultry-Sales_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf



Online Resources:


Retail Food Environments, Farms, and Industry

Preparing Businesses

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 -

World Health Organization -


Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Coronavirus and Pandemic Preparedness for the Food Industry:

The Acheson Group (TAG), COVID-19 FAQ for the Food Industry:


Cornell University - Novel Coronavirus Prevention & Control for Farms -

EPA, List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2

EPA, Drinking Water and Waste Water -

CDC, How to Remove Gloves

National Restaurant Association (ServSafe) -

National Restaurant Association (ServSafe) -

National Restaurant Association (ServSafe) Webinar -

Fightbac, Cleaning and Sanitizing High-Touch Surfaces,

Georgia Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Recommendations COVID-19

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Publication Number: M2395
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Publication Number: M2396


Two medical ampoules of COVID-19 vaccine with a syringe.
Filed Under: Health and Wellness, Coronavirus January 15, 2021

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- The saying goes that tough times bring out the best and worst in people. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception, and consumers need to be wary of potential fraud related to the vaccine as it is rolled out.

Those who have not yet scheduled an appointment to receive their first dose will be waiting another month. On Jan. 15, the Mississippi State Department of Health reported that appointments may be limited until late January, as most of the state’s available vaccine inventory had already been scheduled or distributed.

Two children in masks stand in front of an activity center in a classroom.
Filed Under: MSU Extension Head Start, Coronavirus January 8, 2021

The Mississippi State University Extension Service Head Start Program in Harrison County is proving resilient in safely living up to its mission of easing the transition to school for families with young children.

Four panels display a chicken, a cotton boll, a timber stand and a dried soybean plant.
Filed Under: Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Coronavirus December 17, 2020

Mississippi farmers generated an estimated agricultural value of $7.35 billion in 2020, a 5% increase from 2019 that saw soybeans top forestry for the No. 2 spot behind poultry.

Four glass containers with plastic lids contain food leftovers.
Filed Under: Food Safety, Coronavirus December 8, 2020

While Thanksgiving is an obvious food holiday, Christmas also brings numerous opportunities to celebrate with food, and every one of these should be done with care to keep guests healthy.

Byron Williams, state food processing specialists with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said safety is always a concern any time food is prepared, but it can become a bigger issue when there are lots of leftovers.

A woman stands on the front steps of a home.
Filed Under: Family, Health, Coronavirus, Nutrition and Wellness December 7, 2020

Because many families are celebrating this holiday season a little differently, we might feel a little stressed. One of the things that helps me stay grounded during this time is physical activity. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Success Stories

Three men and one woman standing, spaced out in front of a red brick building.
Community, Food and Health, Food Safety, Health, AIM for CHangE, Coronavirus, Nutrition and Wellness, Natural Resources, Fisheries, Forestry, Forest Economics, Water, Wildlife
Volume 7 Number 1

Four Extension experts named fellows in their disciplines

Four well-respected Mississippi State University Extension Service experts were recently named fellows in prestigious academic and service organizations.

A man wearing a blue shirt and a woman wearing a maroon shirt sitting on a four-wheeler in tall green grass in front of dark green trees.
4-H, Volunteers, Agriculture, Livestock, Coronavirus, Forestry
Volume 7 Number 1

Extension agent in Pontotoc County held local meetings online in 2020

The Mississippi State University Extension Service has been part of Terry Barron’s life in many ways since she moved back to her home state more than 12 years ago.

Leanetra Carter, 4-H'er in Adams County
4-H, Volunteers, Coronavirus
Volume 7 Number 1

4-H provides programs, support online during pandemic

Even as COVID-19 puts a damper on activities of all kinds across the country, Mississippi 4-H agents and personnel remain dedicated to shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

Two men standing in a row crop.
Agriculture, Crops, Corn, Cotton, Soybeans, Coronavirus
Volume 6 Number 2

Variety trials exemplify Extension’s service to growers through pandemic

For 10 years, a small portion of Moody Farms in Tishomingo County has been sectioned off for cotton variety trial plots. That streak continued in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

A woman wearing a light blue blazer and pink shirt stands smiling with her hand on a light pole.
Health and Wellness, Community, Health, AIM for CHangE, Coronavirus
Volume 6 Number 2

Lexington coalition organizes food giveaway amid pandemic

When the Guardian (U.S. edition) released its article “In the poorest county, in America’s poorest state, a virus hits home: ‘Hunger is rampant’” in early April 2020, a local coalition in Holmes County had already organized to create a food pantry in Lexington.

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Your Extension Experts

Portrait of Mr. Tom Ball
Extension Associate III
Portrait of Dr. David Buys
Associate Professor
State Health Specialist
Portrait of Dr. Courtney Crist
Assistant Extension Professor
Food Safety, Food Science, Food Processing, Home Food Preservation, ServSafe
Portrait of Ms. Anne Howard Hilbun-Benoit
Extension Instructor
Portrait of Dr. Rebecca Campbell Smith
Associate Extension Professor