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MS Water Stewards Certification Training and Workshop

Saturday, November 6, 2021 -
8:00am - 2:00pm

This Mississippi Water Stewards Program will be offering a training opportunity for citizens to become certified in Water Chemistry and Bacteriological Monitoring. Learn physical, chemical, and biological water testing methods to track trends in water quality over time and collect data that can be used to detect watershed impairments. Join us in protecting Mississippi's water resources and watersheds. Become a certified MSWS volunteer monitor in either Water Chemistry Monitoring or Bacteriological Monitoring, or both!

To become a certified monitor, a 2-part training is required, consisting of completion of an online course and completion of an in-person workshop. You will learn:

  • What your role will be as a citizen monitor
  • Water and environmental science principles Principles of environmental water quality testing Best practices of water monitoring
  • How to manage & interpret data
  • How to use your new knowledge & skills to serve your local watershed

Self-paced online courses will provide you with foundations of the principles and practices of water monitoring. The online courses require approximately a 3-hr time commitment each and can be completed anytime from October 10- October 31. The in-person workshops required to complete the certification will be held in Starkville, Mississippi on Saturday, November 6th, 2021 from 8am-2pm.

Online registration before October 10, 2021 is required.


Contacts: Dr. Beth Harlander Baker

Department: Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture
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