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The Greenhouse on Porter

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January 29, 2017
As the Southern Gardener, almost anything dealing with new and unique takes on horticulture grab my interest. So The Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs quickly became one of my favorite hangouts. This place is interesting because it’s actually a vintage 1940’s greenhouse repurposed into a coffee and biscuit joint. The old head house has become the front lobby, where visitors order their food. The kitchen, where the delicious biscuits are baked, is also found here. Walk through the door into the greenhouse proper and you’re quickly reminded of this building’s original purpose. You’re greeted by a huge Blue Sky vine that is vigorous and adds a tropical flair. There are also planter boxes that contain easy to care for succulents and other indoor plants. I love the construction of old greenhouses and the Greenhouse on Porter doesn’t disappoint. The windows feature old-style individual glass panes supported by wooden frames. They even fold out and when the ridge vent is opened provide natural ventilation when the weather permits. There’s a variety of custom-made tables and seating that are often decorated with more greenery and color. A lot of other interesting color is provided by numerous exhibits of local arts and crafts, including the stained glass on display. But that’s not the only art to be found. Reviews of the shop claim that the coffee and biscuits have been raised to an art form. As a horticulture guy, I find nothing more homey than a greenhouse, and I feel right at home at the Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.
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