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Killer Cool Color

October 15, 2017
Now’s the time to start planting ornamental leafy greens in your garden. I think these must haves provide some of the best cool season color. Let’s look at some of my fall favorites. Ornamental kale varieties display ruffly and textured leaves. One of the best kale in Mississippi is Redbor, a Mississippi Medallion winner. It has really crinkly leaves that showing off incredible dark purple/maroon through the cool months. Scarlet kale is a culinary variety, which has broad, frilly ad crinkly leaves similar to the Mississippi Medallion Redbor. It has upright growth and grows up to three feet tall. Chidori Red is a good example of having feathered leaf edges along with an inner hearth of glowing embers. Peacock ornamental kale adds foliage color along with feathered leaves. The deeply serrated leaves add interesting extra texture. After being polite in the landscape all winter I like the way this kale seems to explode in the spring and can look like small shrubs. The frilly foliage is displayed in beautiful sprays in shades of rose-red centers with green outer leaves. Bright Lights Swiss chard is a favorite leafy green of mine with stems of red, yellow, gold and white. This plant is a visual feast for the landscape. The colors are stunning when full grown. These landscapes must haves are available soon at your local garden center, plant some in your garden this fall. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.
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