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Gary the Godfather

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February 5, 2017
(Godfather) Once there were some guys who forgot to give their loved ones a Valentine’s Day gift. This incident became known as the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. Now, we celebrate this as a day of love. I got a guy who will make sure you don’t suffer a similar fate… friend, the Southern Gardener. (Gary) Wow! Thanks Godfather. Giving a good Valentine’s Day gift is easy, especially with these simple suggestions. Cut flowers are a popular Valentine’s Day gift, but those roses only last about a week. If you want to give a longer lasting gift try a plant like chenille Fire Tails. It can be grown indoors during the winter and outside for the hot and steamy Mississippi summers. How about a gift that will last a long time? The avid herb gardener will absolutely love a set of herb plant markers made from antique silver plated spoons. These elegant markers will develop patina with age and last a life time. For the practical gardener a nice set of gardening tools would be a good choice. A hand rake, cultivator, trowel and weeder can tackle most garden jobs. Or how about this all in one garden knife? It has a cutting edge, a sawing blade, a bulb planting depth guide and a twine cutter. (Godfather) So this year on Valentine’s Day, take the advice of my guy, the Southern Gardener, and give your loved one a gift they cannot refuse. (Gary) Ehhh….fogetaboutit…right? I’m Gary Bachman, and maybe I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.
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