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Spicy Spikes

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June 13, 2015
Vertical flowers add height and excitement. For this reason, every gardener should add some spicy spikes to their landscape. A plant with vertical flowers that isn’t planted enough in Mississippi is foxglove. A variety that is sure to be a hit in your garden is the Camelot series. The large bell-shaped flowers are produced on spikes up to 18 inches tall. A closer look at the outward facing flowers reveals a unique speckled throat that adds interest. Colors include rose, lavender and creamy white. A favorite in any Mississippi summer garden is Angelonia, also called summer snapdragon. A selection that is sure to delight is the Serenita Angelonia series with its blue, pink and white colors. These tough, but elegant plants bring long-lasting color with very little maintenance. They create a soothing sea of soft color in the landscape. Serenita Angelonia are heat-tolerant and grows 12-14 inches tall and wide. Now one of the joys of gardening is coming across a new and very interesting plant and I get to share one today, Sinningia tubiflora is commonly known as hardy white gloxinia. All summer long, the green leaved clumps are covered with tall spikes of long, very fragrant, pure white flowers. This plant forms underground tubers that readily spread to fill-in the planting bed. I hope you plant some of these exciting flowers in your landscape. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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