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Summer Color Combos

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May 14, 2013
Colorful combination containers are an easy way to add summer color to your landscape. Once you know the basics it’s easy to combine plants into works of art. Making beautiful combination containers may seem to be intimidating, but it’s really easy if you remember the spiller, filler, and thriller recipe. The spiller plants are just as the name sounds, plants that spill out over the edge of the container. Superbells make a great choice with outstanding colors such as bicolor varieties like Lemon Slice; Saffron, with it’s golden yellow with reddish center highlights; or Cherry Star, featuring bright magenta petals with yellow starbursts. Spillers don’t have to display flowers, as variegated vinca vine can attest. These soft green leaves have creamy edging. The filler plants add body to the combination and can be equally effective with or without flowers. The broad leaves of these begonia make a good filler that adds coarse texture to this combination. Gerber daisies have coarse dark green leaves that provide background for other plants, but the large colorful flowers add another dimension to the container. Thrillers need to add height and excitement to the container. Many times grass-like plants, like this deep, dark Red Star cordyline, work well as thriller plants. Consider the use of this pink Mandevilla as a thriller. Placing the small trellis in the center of the combination adds unusual interest. Don’t forget to finish your combination with the right container. Choices range from terra cotta, metal wash tubs and pretty woven baskets. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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