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All-America Selections

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September 8, 2012
Home gardeners are always looking for information on how plants may perform in their home landscapes. All-America Selections provides good information based on the premise of nationwide trials for local success. The South Mississippi Branch Station in Poplarville is an All-America Selections evaluation garden. Many of the past winners are grown every year for landscape and garden enthusiasts. In the past Southern Gardening has featured the easy to grow New Look celosia with its bright red plumes and attractive burgundy foliage. There is another celosia selection called Fresh Look. These plants have bright chartreuse foliage that can brighten any garden setting. Annual flowering vinca is always a good landscape choice because of the wonderful colors available. For 2012 Jams 'N Jellies has been introduced with a totally new color. The flowers are a deep, dark purple and have a velvety appearance. The blooms appear nearly black, and have a bright white eye. With the interest in edible landscaping consider planting basil into your fall landscape. The purple leafed varieties are good choices . Purple Ruffles and Dark Opal have been around for a long time proving these selections have staying power. The Thai basil variety Siam Queen has gorgeous purple stems that contrast to the bright green foliage with beautiful purple flower heads. Picking landscape plants selected by groups like All-America Selections will help to make your landscape a winner. I'm horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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