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  • Farmweek | Entire Show | October 18, 2018

    October 18, 2018

    In this week's episode of FarmWeek, more on that new NAFTA replacement. We told you last week about the deal finally being signed. This week, the president says there's never been a bigger...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | October 11, 2018

    October 12, 2018

    In this week's episode of Farmweek, before we meet this year's Logger of the Year in a couple of weeks, we continue a time-honored tradition of meeting LAST year's winner one more time...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | October 4, 2018

    October 4, 2018

    In this week's episode of Farmweek, FINALLY! A new NAFTA deal (with a new name). It's supposed to be a win-win for all three countries. But will congress approve it? And when? Also, in...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | September 27, 2018

    September 28, 2018

    In this week's episode of Farmweek, changes apparently made to a USDA drought insurance program have ranchers scrambling. One of them talks about what could be a monumental impact. Also, it...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | September 20, 2018

    September 21, 2018

    In this week's episode of Farmweek, Senate Ag Committee leaders ask the USDA, ‘How did you arrive at those farmer aid numbers? Why 12 billion?’ Also, there’s “movement in the water.” Three more...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | September 13, 2018

    September 14, 2018

    In this week's episode of FarmWeek, weather still having an impact all across the nation - from floods to fires. Also, a former Ag commissioner -- now U.S. senator -- talks about what farmers...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | September 6, 2018

    September 7, 2018

    In this week's episode of FarmWeek, an update on NAFTA. While farmers and ranchers weather tariff pressures, off-the-record comments from the President about Canada get back to its prime...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | August 30, 2018

    August 31, 2018

    In this week's episode of FarmWeek, the President declares a new NAFTA deal with Mexico, but the deadlines are tight -- and not everyone's in complete agreement. Also, poultry is a huge...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | August 23, 2018

    August 24, 2018

    In this week's episode of FarmWeek, is there reason for hope in American trade talks with China? One representative says the U.S. hopes to double previous exports. In other news, they're...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | August 16, 2018

    August 17, 2018

    In this week's episode of FarmWeek, President Trump tightens the pressure on the Chinese. In response, they put on the gloves AGAIN! We also take a look at the president's new workforce...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | August 09, 2018

    August 10, 2018

    In this episode of Farmweek, the Farm Bill inches toward a final vote in Congress. The bone of contention? SNAP! Meanwhile, farmers everywhere are impacted by trade tariffs and even rumors of tariffs...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | August 02, 2018

    August 2, 2018

    Today on Farmweek, as trade tensions continue, more details on the president's plan to help farmers. Is it a bailout? Meanwhile, the pressure mounts to end the tariffs altogether. Weather an...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | July 26, 2018

    July 27, 2018

    Today on Farmweek see if farmers, tired of being in the middle of ever-increasing trade tensions, get relief; so-called milk products may not be called that much longer; an expert says your water may...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | July 19, 2018

    July 20, 2018

    Today on Farmweek the FDA jumps out front on lab grown meat | Five key players tell Farmweek what they think of an industry that has yet to sell a product. | Find out why the vitex is the perfect...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | July 12, 2018

    July 13, 2018

    This episode of Farmweek... Hear about a frenzied economy with agriculture at the center of it all. | The U.S. and China go head-to-head with Scott Pruitt out as the head of the EPA, now what? |...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | July 5, 2018

    July 6, 2018

    This is a special feature edition of Farmweek. | Two versions of farm bills will be discussed in Congress over the next several weeks. | Wildfires are covered. | The yucca plant is featured in...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | June 28, 2018

    June 29, 2018

    The heat gets turned up on the trade war - Will China blink first? | What is the virtue of cover crops? Farmers and gardeners have a field day. | A high-end dairy coop in New York state defies the...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | June 21, 2018

    June 22, 2018

    Today on Farmweek...The Senate version of the Farm Bill makes it out of committee while a re-vote of the House version may have hit a snag. | Turf war begins over new markets. | Southern Gardening...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | June 14, 2018

    June 15, 2018

    Pork producers claim to be battered, but they are hopeful. | The Senate version of the Farm Bill is released and it's back to the drawing board for year-round E-15. | A brand new Ag Commissioner...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | June 8, 2018

    June 8, 2018

    NAFTA renegotiation hits the wall when Canada and Mexico strike back. | American farmers are worried about their place in the world market. | Crop dusters are still buzzing the heartland. Strap in -...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | May 31, 2018

    June 1, 2018

    Today on Farmweek we learn that increased CO2 in the atmosphere could be making crops less nutritious. | The nation's second largest refiner asks for a hardship waiver. | Hay producers get new...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | May 24, 2018

    May 25, 2018

    Today on Farmweek the Farm Bill fails in a partisan vote held hostage to an immigration debate. Now what? | Ten women get up close and personal with cows in a cattle handling workshop. | On this...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | May 17, 2018

    May 18, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... The President okays E-15 year-round and looks to overhaul biofuel policy at the same time. | Part two of our gathering of congressional candidates in the Magnolia State. | Gary...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | May 10, 2018

    May 11, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... The fight over refinery wavers continue. | Farmweek visits a strawberry festival. | Southern Gardening discusses ferns in the South. | American dairy is under pressure to survive.
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | May 3, 2018

    May 4, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... North American Trade Ministers are optimistic about a new NAFTA deal. | In Saltillo, Mississippi, horse sense! A herd of kids get up close and personal with a group of...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | April 26, 1956

    April 26, 2018

    Today on Farmweek, Congressional candidates meet in Mississippi's capital city to discuss agriculture. | President Trump taps Mississippi State's president to chair an international ag...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | April 19, 2018

    April 20, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... As North American leaders edge toward a possible NAFTA renegotiation, we take a closer look at just what kind of impact it's had on American agriculture. | In our Food...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | April 12, 2018

    April 13, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... Mississippi's new ag commissioner talks about making agriculture an even-bigger part of the state's economy. | An important ground-breaking for a termite technician...
  • Farmweek Markets | April 5, 2018

    April 6, 2018

    Today on Farmweek the Mississippi Governor appoints a successor, Cindy Hyde-Smith, for State Agricultural Commissioner. | In the Markets, China punches back at the U.S. with its own tarriffs. | The...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | March 29, 2017

    March 30, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... The first female U.S. Senator in Mississippi | Congress moves to fix a tax loophole that some would say gives co-ops an unfair advantage. | A follow-up to our "What is Meat...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | March 22, 2018

    March 23, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... When is meat, not meat? U.S. cattlemen petition the government to get tougher on the definition. | 4-Hers get a chance to share a thing or two with State leaders.
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | March 15, 2018

    March 16, 2018

    Today on Farmweek... Tarriffs on imported steel and aluminum are set to begin. The impact on U.S. imports remains unclear. | A look at why having good forage is so important for grass fed beef...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | March 9, 2018

    March 8, 2018

    DNA tests provide more information on the Delta deer with chronic wasting disease. | An important cost-share program to help struggling cotton farmers is renewed by the USDA. | The Food Factor...
  • Farmweek  | Entire Show | March 1, 2018

    March 2, 2018

    Farmweek heads to Stringer, MS to learn how to raise Alpacas. | In the Markets, cow-calf operations continue to expand - what will that mean for prices? | In the kitchen, a look at new technology...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | February 22, 2018

    February 23, 2018

    Farmweek this week... Chronic Wasting Disease is found in Mississippi deer. | Gary Bachman says springs arrival will likely be signaled early by colorful wisteria. | In the markets, pond-bank catfish...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | February 15, 2018

    February 16, 2018

    This week Farmweek makes a return visit to a cattle operation in Mississippi, one that's changing with the times. | The wild hog problem is bigger than ever in Mississippi...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | February 8, 2018

    February 9, 2018

    Today on Farmweek, it's rodeo time at the State Fairgrounds in Jackson, Mississippi. | Learn the correct way to prune a crape myrtle. | In the markets, cattle placements continue to run ahead of...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | February 2, 2018

    February 2, 2018

    On Farmweek today... A south Mississippi school uses hands-on activities around a farm to teach biology in a meaningful way. | On The Food Factor, the calorie dealer shows how to keep a new healthy...
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | January 26, 2018

    January 26, 2018

    The new tax law may benefit farmers. | Will corn or soybeans win the on-going acreage battle this Spring. | Tips for eating healthy and a festival will also be covered.
  • Farmweek | Entire Show | January 19, 2018

    January 19, 2018

    See how deer hunters are helping fill some empty dinner plates. | A family dairy changes its business model in order to survive. | Leighton Spann visited with Chris Giancarlo, the chairman of the...


Farmweek is Mississippi's oldest and only locally-produced agricultural television news show. It is produced by the Office of Agricultural Communications for the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Our first show aired October 3, 1977.

Farmweek airs on the RFD-TV network on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. central time / 5:30 p.m. eastern time and on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting network Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. central with a replay on Monday at 6:00 a.m. central.

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