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P3300 Factors to Consider Before Planting Longleaf Pine Trees, Forestry, Longleaf Pine December 10, 2018
P3301 Snapdragon for the Farmer Florist Floral Design May 7, 2019
P3302 Recognizing Sapsucker Damage in Yard Trees Trees December 20, 2018
P3303 The Great Red Snapper Count Depletion Studies Marine Resources January 3, 2019
P3304 Safety Awareness in Mississippi 4-H Horse Programs Youth Livestock, Youth Horse, About Extension, Equine, Leadership, Children and Parenting July 29, 2019
P3305 Deer Processing to Minimize CWD Risks (without removing internal organs) Chronic Wasting Disease, White-Tailed Deer December 19, 2018
P3306 2017 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn December 18, 2018
P3307 2018 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn December 18, 2018
P3308 2017 MSU Wheat Variety Suggestions Wheat January 3, 2019
P3309 2016 Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Results Corn January 9, 2019
P3310 2017 Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Results Corn January 11, 2019
P3311 2018 Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Results Corn February 11, 2019
P3312 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Environment January 31, 2019
P3313 Sweet Mississippi Flower Bowl Cut Flowers and Houseplants January 30, 2019
P3314 Notes for Agents and Volunteers Leading Sweet Mississippi - Floral Design Workshops Cut Flowers and Houseplants February 14, 2019
P3315 Smallholder Farmer Constraints to Village Chicken Production Poultry June 13, 2019
P3316 Callery pear Agriculture, Trees, Weed Control for Lawn and Garden January 30, 2019
P3317 Exploring for Oil and Gas Community, Disaster Preparedness, Economic Development, Natural Resources, Water Quality, Oil and Gas July 17, 2019
P3318 2019 Mississippi Medallion Plants Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens January 16, 2019
P3319 Private Water Well Setback Distances Mississippi Well Owner Network March 14, 2019