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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3122 Dairy Production and Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems Irrigation, Dairy September 1, 2017
IS1783 Stress and Emotional Eating Food and Health, Health, Nutrition August 30, 2017
P3111 Storm-Resistant Trees for Mississippi Landscapes Landscape and Garden Design, Trees September 12, 2017
M2183 Mississippi’s SNAP-Ed and EFNEP 2016 Impacts EFNEP, SNAP-Ed August 28, 2017
P3075 Growing Your Brand: Extension Agent Guide for Marketing Local Foods Growing Your Brand August 24, 2017
p3118 Mississippi Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rents Report: 2017 Survey of Lenders Agricultural Economics, Community August 18, 2017
IB0521 Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2017 Grains, Wheat August 15, 2017
P3117 Forest Environments: Identifying Herbicide Damage and Selecting Herbicides Forest Management August 14, 2017
P3013 The Role of Genetics and Nutrition in Deer Management Wildlife, White-Tailed Deer August 11, 2017
P3115 2017 Mississippi Medallion Plants Flower Gardens August 10, 2017
P3113 Citizen’s Guide to Protecting the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Marine Debris Environment, Marine Resources August 9, 2017
P3109 2016 Mississippi On-Farm Cotton Variety Trial Program Cotton August 8, 2017
M3032 2017 MSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Status Report 4-H August 7, 2017
P3112 Reduce Seed Cost by Properly Calibrating Your Drill Grasses, Legumes August 2, 2017
P3114 Designing a 4-H Residential Summer Camp Experience Join 4-H, Youth Projects August 2, 2017
P3107 White Fringe Tree and Emerald Ash Borer Forest Pests August 1, 2017
P3044 EkoKids: Schoolyard Nature Guides Wildlife Youth Education, Urban and Backyard Wildlife August 15, 2017
P0220 Pickles, Relishes, Jellies, Jams, and Preserves Food, Food Safety August 1, 2017
P3110 Walkable Mississippi: Introduction to Walking and Walkability Issues Health and Wellness, Community August 1, 2017
P3092 The Need for Diversity and Inclusion in Extension Efforts About Extension, Leadership July 21, 2017