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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3146 Water Conservation in Your Landscape Landscape Architecture, Healthy Soils and Water October 31, 2017
P3152 Dairy Cattle Judging Youth Livestock, Dairy October 20, 2017
P3153 Self-Reseeding Potential of Forage Annual Clovers in the South Forages October 17, 2017
P3150 Bricks-To-Clicks™ Online Marketing and Economic Education for Businesses Economic Development October 19, 2017
IB0523 Mississippi Native Grass Variety Trials, 2016 Forages, Grasses October 12, 2017
IB0522 Mississippi Annual Cool-season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2016 Forages, Grasses October 12, 2017
P3120 Living Shorelines: A Permitting Guide for Alabama Homeowners Marine Resources October 11, 2017
P3149 Prepare Your Broiler House for Winter Conditions Poultry October 26, 2017
P3141 Reading On-Farm Bacteriological Culture Results Dairy October 27, 2017
P3143 Inspecting Your New Plantation Forestry October 26, 2017
P3151 Recognizing Potential in Volunteer Leaders Volunteers, Leadership October 4, 2017
P3147 Mycoplasma gallisepticum in Backyard Flocks Poultry September 29, 2017
P3142 Training Volunteers and Assessing Their Leadership Abilities Volunteers, Leadership September 28, 2017
P3102 Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck: A Guide for Liming and Fertilizing WILDLIFE FOOD PLOTS Soils, Soil Testing, Wildlife September 28, 2017
P3132 Using an On-Farm Bacteriological Culture System Dairy September 27, 2017
P3140 Coccidiosis in Backyard Chickens Poultry September 25, 2017
P3130 Annual Ryegrass Performance in Mississippi: Long-Term Yield Production Grasses September 25, 2017
P3119 Living Shorelines: A Permitting Guide for Mississippi Homeowners Environment September 21, 2017
P3134 Planning for a New Commercial Vegetable Business Commercial Horticulture, Agri-business September 21, 2017
p3121 Using a Knife to Cut Fresh Flowers Flower Gardens December 8, 2017