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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Datesort descending
F1187 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. Emergency Plan 4-H, 4-H Safety Programs, 4-H SAFETY January 28, 2020
IS1444 Fruit and Nut Review - Blackberries Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Fruit January 29, 2020
P3415 Forest Herbicide Effectiveness on Mississippi Tree and Shrub Species Forestry January 29, 2020
P3303 The Great Red Snapper Count Depletion Studies Marine Resources January 30, 2020
P3354 The Great Red Snapper Count Tagging Study Marine Resources January 30, 2020
P3409 Mississippi State Trial Garden Potting Soil Recipe Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens, Landscape and Garden Design, Vegetable Gardens January 31, 2020
P2260 Are My Pine Trees Ready to Thin? Forest Economics, Forest Management, Wood Products January 31, 2020
P1855 Marketing Your Timber - The Timber Sales Agreement Forest Economics February 3, 2020
P3035 Effects of Long-Term Drought on Urban Trees Trees, Urban and Community Forestry February 3, 2020
IS1294 Soil Testing for the Homeowner Soil Health, Soil Testing February 4, 2020
P2807 Estrus Synchronization in Dairy Cattle Dairy February 5, 2020
P2459 Pasture Management and Grazing Guide for Livestock Producers Management - Forages February 5, 2020
P2538 Livestock Fencing Systems For Pasture Management Forages, Livestock February 5, 2020
P2541 Guidelines for Pasture Establishment Fertilizers - Forages, Management - Forages, Weed Control for Forages February 5, 2020
P3232 Infectious Bronchitis in Backyard Flocks Poultry February 5, 2020
P3060 Avian Influenza 2017: Frequently Asked Questions Animal Health, Poultry, Avian Flu February 5, 2020
P2995 Poultry Growers Should Maintain Heightened Biosecurity Practices Poultry February 5, 2020
IS2015 Biosecurity Measures to Combat Avian Influenza Threat Avian Flu February 5, 2020
IS2014 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Biosecurity Checklist Avian Flu February 5, 2020
IS2013 Avian Influenza: Frequently Asked Questions Avian Flu February 5, 2020