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P3135 Mississippi Agricultural Credit and Lending Conditions: 2017 Agricultural Economics, Farming September 15, 2017
P3136 Global and Domestic Issues with Hunger: A Web of Connections Activity Leadership, Health October 23, 2018
P3137 Interprofessional Aspects of Healthcare: A Web of Connections Activity Leadership, Health October 16, 2019
P3140 Coccidiosis in Backyard Chickens Poultry June 13, 2019
P3141 Reading On-Farm Bacteriological Culture Results Dairy October 30, 2018
P3142 Training Volunteers and Assessing Their Leadership Abilities Volunteers, Leadership September 28, 2017
P3143 Inspecting Your New Plantation Forestry October 26, 2017
P3144 Buy Fresh Fruits & Vegetables in Season! Nutrition August 10, 2018
P3146 Water Conservation in Your Landscape Landscape Architecture, Healthy Soils and Water October 31, 2017
P3147 Mycoplasma gallisepticum in Backyard Flocks Poultry February 6, 2020
P3149 Prepare Your Broiler House for Winter Conditions Poultry October 23, 2018
P3150 Bricks-To-Clicks™ Online Marketing and Economic Education for Businesses Economic Development June 7, 2018
P3151 Recognizing Potential in Volunteer Leaders Volunteers, Leadership October 30, 2018
P3152 Dairy Cattle Judging Youth Livestock, Dairy October 23, 2018
P3153 Self-Reseeding Potential of Forage Annual Clovers in the South Forages October 23, 2018
P3154 2017 Soybean Variety Suggestions Soybeans July 9, 2018
P3155 Pesticide Label Databases Crops, Insects, Plant Diseases October 28, 2019
P3156 Sleep Stealers - Conflict at Home Family, Health March 15, 2018
P3157 Local Food System Economies: How Selected Specialty Crops Contribute to Mississippi’s Economy Agriculture, Local Flavor, Local Food System Economies, Economic Development November 29, 2017
P3158 2016 Soybean Variety Suggestions Soybeans July 9, 2018